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Hi folks! Have a look below at the comments which have been posted to our website.  Many thanks for all the views and comments so far.  Keep them coming and if you have any thoughts on what could be changed, improved or what you would recommend then this is the best place to do it!




Mr Larmour






The new Cregagh Primary School website is amazing, makes us all very proud to work in such a lovely school with great children. Well done Mr Larmour for all your hard work in setting it all up.

Mrs White


I love the new website it is so cool and funny!

Amy Wareing (P5)


I like the new school website. I saw some pictures of my Dad and Auntie.

Joshua Speer (P5)


Our school is the best!!!!! CREGAGH PRIMARY SCHOOL

Hannah Young (P6)


Had fun on the website. Really exciting seeing all the photos.

Eden Dickson (P2)


Well done!!! Website looking fab! Pictures are all class & I even managed to stay out of the past pupils pics. Yay!!!
Shelley Copeland




Wow blast from the past couldn't say what year it was sister Vic kindly found pic and posted it on my Facebook, Middle picture 17 down I think from left to right David Andrews, my good self lol, lee Wilson and I'm not sure. Keep up the good work, special mention to Ronnie Milligan on his 60th lots of respect for that man :)

Craig Holt


Folks, many thanks for all the comments so far on the website! Glad all the photos from 'years gone by' have had so many positive comments. Let me know if you have any others at home. Take a photo of them and email them to the address on the 'Decades' page.

Mr Larmour


Congratulations for all the great work you all do...I am a great admirer of the school and its staff for all the work  both for the pupils and for the local community. You have my admiration and my respect.

Murray Watt


I like the website, I think it is good!

Jessica Stevenson (P5)


Website is looking great.

Harry Young


I really enjoyed looking through the old photos. I saw a lot of old pupils, and also took me back to when I was there in 1959 I just love it - great. It was Mr Gilbreath was headmaster then. Wish there were more old photos, dating back till then. But it is great to look at and the children will be able to look back when they are older. WELL DONE XXX
Anne Cairns (Snodden)


Thanks for the comments folks, we all really appreciate the interest the website is having at the moment! Hoping for 1000 hits in one week! Would be amazing!! Hoping to get more photos on at the weekend so keep tuned!!

Mr Larmour




The new website is class! Well done Mr Larmour, great job!

Troy Beattie (P5)


Loving the new website! Although, I have only been here a short time, I have been made to feel very welcome by all the staff and pupils! There is a real happy and warm atmosphere at this great wee school!

Miss Bickerstaff


I think the new website is very very very very cool.

Joshua Speer (P5)


Website is looking amazing and love looking at all the old photos although have spotted myself more times than I should have!! Lol!!

Leanne Wareing


Hopefully we get 1000 hits before Monday!

Troy Beattie (P5)


Love the old sporting photos and great to see my nephew Koby! Well done Cregagh P School fabulous website!

Donna Anderson




I love the new school website. I really like the games and looking at all the photos.  
Lily May Copeland (P3)


I really like school. I think the new website is brilliant. I'm going to check it all the time for new photos.

Corey Kenna (P3)

Website looking amazing all thanks to Mr Larmour! 

Baxter Phair (P6)


Thanks for all the really super comments so far folks!! We are doing great with the hits on the website. So far over 1300 in less than 6 days!!!!! Amazing support from the local community and further afield! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Mr Larmour



This is the BEST school ever,love the website xx 

Aimie Welsh (P7)




I was at CPS during the 80s, finishing in 1989. I was thus one of the students who took part in the Copeland Island trip you've highlighted on your 'Through the Decades' page. It was a memorable trip—so much so that I nagged my parents into taking us there as a family shortly after.

I was one of the PHU children when the unit was run by Mrs Kilpatrick and Mrs McCartan, but transferred into mainstream for P6 and P7. Mr Milligan was my P7 teacher and I still remember the encouragement he gave me with writing. I left Cregagh for Bloomfield Collegiate in '89 and was there until December 1990 when my family moved to Australia for 18 months. On our return in 1992, I went back to Bloomfield but stayed there only a year as I finished my secondary education at the Mary Hare Grammar School for the Deaf in England.

The best part of a decade at QUB followed, and I now hold several degrees in History—BA, MA and PhD. In between my MA and PhD I trained as a history teacher, but the offer of a fully funded scholarship at Queen's for the doctoral degree was too good to pass up!

Now I work part time at my father's bookshop in Bangor, which leaves me plenty of time to write and research—my primary passions! At the moment I'm doing research on a project for Carrickfergus Museum. Writing wise, I've produced one historical novel (in Kindle form) and a 'Chalet School' fill-in published by Girls Gone By Publlishers and available through Amazon and specialist collectors' bookshops. It's done well, generally averaging at five stars. Ideally the future will be filled with more of the same!

I'd love to be kept informed of any events to celebrate Cregagh's 75th. I enjoyed my entire school life, but I remember the Cregagh years (as with the Mary Hare years) with a particularly deep affection.


Lisa Townsend





Many thanks for such an insightful comment to our Guestbook.  It's amazing to see the far-reaching contacts our school has across the country.  We are more than happy to pass on these kind words to Mrs McCartan and the other teachers during your time here!  Hopefully they will see these comments and respond accordingly!

Thanks again!




I think the website is really great.

Chloe White (P4)


Really enjoyed pics of Sports Day Mr Larmour. I really enjoyed it. I love the pics of P1, P2, P3, P4/5, P5/6 and P7. Love games, maths, english all stuff. Classic website. Great invention. Really sad Mr Milligan is leaving.

Samantha Crowe (P5)




New Cregagh Primary School website looking great!

Nicola McLearnon




Cregagh Primary School rocks. Theres nice, kind teachers and fun things to do. We wish we were not leaving for high school yet.
We will really miss Cregagh Primary School and everyone in it OH and the school website is BRILLIANT by the way!!!!!!!!!


The new Cregagh Primary School Website ROCKS!
We were laughing at some of the funny picture's at Ardnabannon.
Well Done Mr.Larmour with the school website, now with the new website when we really misss Cregagh primary school, we can just go on the website.


Taylor Marsh and Aelisha Delos Santos (P7)




Love the new school website loved all the photos

Lois Dickson (P7)




We have had a great seven years at Cregagh Primary School. We wouldn't change a thing and we hope that the P6s have a great last year and can say that they have loved every second of it. All the teachers and classroom assistance are so helpful.

The website is looking fantastic.

Yours faithfully
Jasmine and Eden-Skye

P.S. This School is amazing :) :) :)


Girls, it has been a pleasure for us to have taught you and the rest of your class over the past 7 years. We wish you all the best in your new schools and hope you all make the most of every opportunity that is presented to you! We shall look forward to seeing you on the P7 leavers assembly next year - if not beforehand!


Have a great Summer!


Mr Larmour



I Love to go on the 'About us' and 'Who's who'. I hope you don't take Mr Milligan's picture down, It would remind everyone about him.

Samantha Crowe P6 



Miss this school so much already!!!
Luv From Aelisha D.S



Looking forward to the match against Lisnasharagh PS on Wednesday. Come on Cregagh!

Really sad Mr Milligan is leaving please stay I will miss you :'( 

Troy Beattie P6



I like the new school website! :D Good work!

Joshua Ritchie P7



Mr Milligan has always been a legend. The days of him and Mrs Parkinson sharing our P7 class doesn't feel like 17 years ago!

Peter Green


Well said Peter Green. He was and always will be a legend in my eyes!!

Nicola McLearnon


All the best for your retirement, Ronnie. May it be a long and happy one!

Colin Kinnear












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