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Hearing Impaired Unit 1

Welcome to Hearing Impaired Unit 1!


Welcome to Miss Christie's HIU 1 Class Page!


Enjoy looking at some pictures and information which shows how much fun the pupils are having in school!

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The listening bus came to school today they showed us lots of useful technology. We played games and had lots of fun. 



Our first topic this year was All About Me.  We learned all about ourselves and each other.  We made family trees and drew beautiful family portraits.  It was so much fun learning All About Me.  We made ourselves with paper plates and don't we look super?! Can you spot us painting and printing our hands and feet?  

The paint made us giggle because it tickled!



Remember when we did our Superhero Cow for Marie Curie Cancer last year?  We've been asked to do another! this year's theme is Halloween.  Have a look at our Spooky Moo!  We made scary spiders and covered her in cobwebs.  Isn't it great?
Primary One and Primary Two are learning all about our shapes and colours. We've been trying really hard to find shapes in our environment and remember the names of the shapes.  everyone knows their colours now and can find a shape and we're working towards being able to independently share the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  
We are doing a fantastic music project this year called A musical Journey Through the Rainforest. We are learning about musical instruments and the sounds they make and how to listen for rhythms and patterns in music.  We will be continuing this project all year and introducing lots of new instruments.  The children really enjoy the opportunity to experience new sounds and exposure to new instruments.  



Rachel is visiting our classes to deliver Healthy Minds to our children.  It helps them understand that healthy food and exercise is important to keep them fit.  She is also helping them understand their emotions and how these can affect their behaviour and how they can begin to deal with things that have an effect on them.   


Our school recently got iPads and the children are enjoying using them for lots of different activities such as making Pic Collages and creating puppet shows using Puppet Pals.  You can help them practice these at home - they're free apps to download!



We are continuing to develop our counting sklls - look how fantastic we are!  We really enjoy using games to practice our skills.

Tuesday 10th March

Today was the prize giving for the NDCS competition.  Our children achieved great things today with eight winning prizes ranging from Highly Commended to 1st place.  Jordan Coggle won a shield for best entry overall in Art.

Congratulations to all!!

Another great team achievement was when we were awarded the

SCHOOLS CUP for GREATEST EFFORT from a single school or library Board.


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Thursday 12th February we celebrated 100 days of school!  We took part in many 100 day activities throughout they  day.  We counted cubes to 100.  We made £1 with 100 1p coins.  We found lots of different ways to make 100 using Lego bricks!  The Primary 4 children joined Ms. Hanna to make 100 glasses.  Primary 1 and Primary 3 played games counting up to 100 with jumping jacks, skipping, hopping and marching.  Everyone made a special t-shirt to show they were 100 days smarter and all the ways we are learning. 
Spot celebrated his 5th birthday today.  We planned and threw a wonderful party.  We visited the shops to buy supplies for the day and sent out invitations.  To make the party memorable we baked our own cake for Spot!  We measured the ingredients and carefully mixed them together then put it in the oven to bake.  It was a fantastic success!  Primary 4 also made our very own rice crispie buns, they were delicious.  The day of the party all our guests arrived (including Mr. Heggarty!) and they ate lots of yummy party food and we played some exciting games like musical statues.   Spot had a brilliant birthday and we all had lots of fun and all our planning was successful. 

In preparation for Spot's Birthday in February HIU1 went shopping!  We made a list of supplies we would need for the party and put on our coats to take a walk to the local shop.  We made sure we had lots of money and our own bags.  We walked carefully and looked before crossing the big road.  In the shop we bought some juice, crisps, chocolate and sweeties!  The party will be such great fun :)

We have entered an NDCS competition. This year the theme is 'My Dreams, My Future'.  We worked very hard on our pictures and writing.  We are waiting to hear if we have won.  Fingers crossed!

It's Party Time!  Spot's Birthday is on 12th February and we are beginning to organise his party.  We have decorated the room and we are planning lots of activities for the special day.  We will be sending out invitiations to our friends soon, so keep an eye out for yours. 
We read 'Mog and The Baby' together and then we made masks.  We acted out the story using the masks we made.   Look how much fun we had!

We visited W5 Wednesday 17th December and we met a very special person: Santa!  We had  a ride on his train and we visited his Winter Wonderland.  We played in Discovery and had a fantastic time in Climbit.

Santa came to visit HIU1 and HIU2 on Monday 15th December.  He was very glad we were all being good for our teachers and parents.  He gave us a little surprise and told us he would come on Christmas Eve.



Writing letters

P3 and P4 wrote Christmas cards to our friends and posted them in the post box.  P1 came with us to post them.  We wrote names and classes on the envelopes and remembered to put stamps on them!

We bought stamps from Miss McBride's class and the money goes to the Cedar Foundation.

P4 took part in our Carol Service at St Andrews Church on Wednesday 10th December.

P1-P3 took part in our Nativity at Mount Merrion Parish Church on Friday 12th December.

Everyone worked hard and learned lots of new songs.  Great job!

Our room was looking wonderful for Open Night and Winterfest.  Can you see your work on display?
Autumn Time is here!  HIU 1 have gone on an Autumn adventure around the school grounds.  We collected and used different colours and types of leaves.  Everyone made an Autumn crown.  We are learning all about the changing seasons and looking for signs of Autumn. 
HIU 1 were learning all about Under The Sea this term.  We made jellyfish and characters from Olly The Octopus - Olly, Flora and Sammy the Starfish.  We learned lots of interesting facts about sea creatures and a lovely song!
Primary 1 are playing.  They have enjoyed being at the seaside, making patterns and playing with sand and water. We are learning to make friends and play nicely with each other.
Primary 1 are learning lots of new skills! We can trace lines and make sets of 1 and 2.  Have you seen the beautiful patterns we have made?  We know lots of different colours now and we are beginning to cut and stick independently.

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