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Welcome to Miss Hannah's Primary Four Class Page!


Enjoy looking at some pictures and information which shows how much fun the P4s are having in school!

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P4 celebrating the end of World War Two

Thursday 12th February we celebrated 100 days of school! We took part in many 100 day activities throughout they day.
Primary 4 went to Talbot Street War Museum in Belfast City Centre on Tuesday 10th February.  They learned all about life during WW2.  They saw ration packs, learned all about the events leading up to and during the Blitz and the devestation that was caused in our City. The children had an opportunity to dress up in clothes worn during the period (Medical Doctors, Home Guards, Pilots,Air Raid Wardens and RAF officers).  The best part was holding the shell of a firebomb and handling the Gas masks that would be worn by babies and realising how heavy they were!!  The children were very interested in how life has changed since then and very surprised at just how many foods, that we take for granted every day ,were rationed.  The children took part in a quiz about life during World War 2 and had to do a lot of independent fact finding!  A great day was had by ALL!! 
Primary 4 are working hard in maths!  We are learning all about fractions.  To make it easier to swallow we made pizzas to help us learn!  We know how to divide things into halves and quarters.  Aren't we clever!

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